Monday, June 26, 2017

Dark Angels Primaris Space Marines

Well, like many people, I picked up the new Warhammer 40k box set and have started to add the new space marine models to my army. I've decided to paint them in traditional Dark Angels colors as that is the faction that has the most completed models in my collection.

I first started doing a test model to work out the color scheme road-map. I started by priming the model using Vallejo's Grey Surface Primer. I added a few drops of their airbrush thinner and a few drops of Vallejo's Air Flow Improver. This primer coated the model very well with no clogging or issues and after several light coats the model fully primed.

I let the primer cure overnight and then base-coated the model using Vallejo's Game Air Dark Green. This was allowed to cure overnight and then I added three layers of highlights by mixing the base color with Vallejo's Game Air Sick Green. 

For each layer I added more and more Sick Green to achieve the subtle highlights that I was looking for. The first layer was a 50/50 mix, second was a 70/30 mix and the third was a 90/10. A final highlight of 100% Sick Green was added to finish of the primary color phase.

I'll let this cure 24-48 hours before applying a satin varnish to protect the layers and then move onto picking out some of the smaller details with a brush.

More to come...

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