Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Imperial Update

I finally got the new Space Wolves codex and I’m really impressed with it and at this point cannot wait until they redo the Dark Angels codex. Granted, it is going to be a while until that is done but it’s nice to dream. I can at least take comfort in the fact that it will get redone before Dark Eldar or Necrons :P
I plan on developing a Space Wolf army in the future, after I complete the Orks and Imperial Guard armies. Hopefully by then, they will have released the new cavalry models and other little goodies.

On the modeling front, I have finished assembling another squad of infantry models. I used the ForgeWorld upgrade packs to complete these guys and I’ll be airbrushing the base coat on them this evening. I’ve also finished preparing the Special Weapons squad that will be part of the platoon; still having a problem deciding on how best to arm my Heavy Weapons squad. So I placed an order with The Warstore for tripod stands and gun-shields to allow me to create more squads per box. This way I’ll have flexibility to swap out models without having to spend a fortune in box sets where the majority of the parts go unused. My goal is to still have 30 models or three squads completed by the end of this month. I did pick up the Cadian Command box last week so that I can finish up the first platoon. I have another on order at Stonebridge Games so I’ll be able to start building my second platoon in November. I’ve already started putting money aside for the next order from Forge World. Looking at getting more Cadian upgrade packs with respirators and possibly order up a Hydra or Medusa conversion.

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