Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Fallen are on the move...

So I played my first game in along time this past weekend and it was a pretty good game. We are started a new ten week campaign at the store this past weekend and the kick-off was this past Saturday. I’m using my Dark Angels Battle Company as the Fallen due to a shortage of Chaos players and the fact that there is another Dark Angels player on the Imperials side. This should make for some interesting campaign fluff in the coming weeks.

My first round game was against a younger Imperial Guard player with an over-converted army; still trying to understand why younger players always feel the need to do that. He was using a space marine model as Commander Straken and all of his infantry looked like Stormtroopers and it was hard to differentiate between squads and veterans. Regardless, the game ended up being a draw I felt that I was lucky to get that. My problem was that I was using a list that I cobbled together and it wasn’t really optimized to deal with his imperial guard. His artillery was spot on and sadly I couldn’t do anything to stop it because it was on the opposite side of the table and I had nothing left that could get to that side quick enough.

I spent some time developing a new list based on advice that I received in the BoLS Lounge this week. The biggest change was to switch from using the current Dark Angels Codex to using the regular Space Marin Codex. This change allows me to take much of the same equipment but at a cheaper points cost and this allows me to add some additional units to the list to beef up the army. The campaign games are anywhere between 1500 and 2000pts. per game it is up to the players to decide the actual point value. Most of us will probably be playing in the 1850 range so that is what I have geared my army for. I’ll be using this new list this weekend and if it performs well then I’ll post it here so that you all can take a look.

Till then cheers and have fun playing and painting your armies.

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