Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cypher Rules!!! and the Fallen are on the move….

Sadly, I’ve been on-call for the last week and a half so I haven’t been able to do much but surf the web and stare at my models that need to be painted. I have been tracking the campaign that is going on at the store and I can safely say that it appears that Chaos has a slim lead over the other teams; cursed Imperials are right on our heels.

Since I’m playing the Fallen Angels in the campaign, I thought that it would be a great idea to include the elusive Cypher into my army. The only problem is that his rules have never really been updated for 5th Edition so they are not really useable is today’s games. So enter the kind folks over at BoLS Lounge, who answered my plea for help. I started this thread and Mkerr was kind enough to develop an updated set of rules for Cypher, which can be found here, that look to retain the ‘fluffyness’ of the character while making him a viable character in 5th edition. I plan on taking the rules for a test run over the holiday weekend. Props again to Mkerr for helping me realize my dream of running a truly Fallen Angels army.

The campaign will be entering the third round at that time so the missions will begin to vary quite a bit form the initial Planetstrike format. The new round will include some regular missions and several City Fight missions that should provide some variety for the folks that are playing. Most of the players, have never really explored the City Fight missions so I think that it will be a nice change of pace for most of the people involved.

So all in all, while I haven’t done much hobby or game related activity this past week or so I’ve definitely got something to look forward to over the coming holiday weekend.


  1. Let me know how Cypher works for you -- give me feedback because we may put together a PDF of all of the Forgotten Heroes at some point in the future.

    Great blog!

  2. The rules are great, I asked another player using Dark Angels to use the rules to get an unbiased opinion and he really like them. The ‘Devine Protection’ rule was really interesting and he was impressed how it worked out during the games. He was able to have him cheat death twice in the game before finally teleporting off away to fight another day. He and his opponent thought it was fair and not overpowered like some other characters and we have approved the rules for use the current and future campaigns.

    Please let me know when you have them available in PDF form as I would like to get a copy. I appreciate your work in updating the rules and thanks again for doing this.