Monday, November 9, 2009

The Fallen have stumbled a little...

As you may know, I’m playing in a campaign at our local gaming store and have put the Imperial Guard on hold for the moment so that I can complete a few new models for my Dark Angels army. My new 1850pt. list seems to be working well so far and I have been able to add some new models to my army. I used the list this weekend to play two games, one regular and a campaign mission that involved Planetstrike.

I had difficulty in the Planetstrike mission but that was due to using a regular list and not one that takes advantage of the new force organization rules featured in Planetstrike. My opponent was very good and kept me boxed in a corner while I was trying to attack his bases. It was a good game if a bit frustrating at times due to some onlookers distracting us.

Earlier, I also played a regular game, Annihilation/Pitched Battle, against an Emperor’s Children player and I won that game in five turns. To be fair my opponent had serious issues with his dice rolls; ‘bad dice’ day doesn’t even come close to describing it. He had a squad of five Chosen, all with melta guns, move onto the board behind my Dreadnaught and Landspeeders and roll 1-2 for all ‘To Hit’ rolls. He was unable to assault so on my next turn the Dreadnaught opened up with its heavy flamer and assault cannon. They never had a chance and were wiped out to a man that turn. I was able to also take out his Daemon Prince, Sorcerer and a TAC squad at the start of the third turn while minimizing my losses to only 3-4 marines. The list seems to be doing well for me but I’m still reserving judgment until after I get several more games in.

The new models that I am working on are a squad of Sternguard veterans, Pedro Kantor and completing two Land speeders. I put together a drop pod for use in this list but I sprayed it black and I’m currently leaning towards leaving it that way and marking it as part of the Ravenwing. I’ll paint the metallic parts, drybrush the black with a dark grey mix and add a little charred blast affect to finish it off. I have some Mig Production pigments that are rust and smoke colored that should pull off the charred affect nicely.

I’m still trying to put together a light-tent so that I can take pictures of my work and post it here on the site. There are several manufacturers that make light-tent packages and I think that once I have a little extra money I’ll be picking one up. I’m hoping to have something added to the site after Thanksgiving.

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