Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Been a Long Time Coming....

So I know it has been a while since I last updated but work has been kickin’ my butt all over the place lately. However, I have been able to pick up and review the new Tyranid codex and sadly, I’m a little disappointed. As a result, I think I’ll be focusing on my new Skaven army instead of dusting off the Nid’s army. The key reason is that to make a competitive list I would have to assemble and paint another thirty or forty models and then covert several new ones to add some of the new units to the list. Frankly, I’m just not that interested at this point to do that much work for my secondary army.

Therefore, I am moving forward with assembling and painting a Skaven army for WHFB. I’ve never actually played a real game of WHFB and from what I hear it is more tactical than WH40k. So I’ll give it a try and we’ll see what happens.

I’ve so far picked up the Skaven regiment, Plague Monks and another Clanrat box. I’ve also just added a Doom Wheel to the mix and I do plan on picking up the Screaming Bell this weekend. The Bell will be the centerpiece for the army and I am still deciding if I want to add another Doom Wheel to the mix but I think that I’ll hold off on that for now. I’d like to get a few games in with the models that I have purchased so far and see how things progress from there.

This will be a new experience for me because I have been playing WH40k for over tens years now and for many years Fantasy didn’t really grab my attention. I think that the time is right for me to try WHFB in that I want to do something different but still within the realms of Warhammer. I’ve tried Warmachine, hell I actually have the beginnings of a Khador army, but for some reason the mechanics of the game just never really grabbed me. GR anted, this was when it was initially released and from what I hear the new release is pretty good in that they altered moved away from the warcaster is king methodology. I might still give this a go down the road but for now I’m going to stick with the Skaven and see how that pans out.

So until next time…

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