Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoa!?! Is it May already...

So I realized this morning that it has been roughly three months since I last updated this blog. My apologies to my readers for the delay but life threw me a few curve balls that took priority over my modeling projects. Thankfully, everything has been sorted out and it looks like things will be getting back to normal. Chiefly among these changes is that I just accepted a new job that will now allow me to have a normal personal life. So I’ll no longer have any excuses for not painting and completing several model related projects this year.

As previously mentioned, I have started a Skaven army and I have been slowly working on that project. I have assembled and based the Clan Rats and Plague Monk models and they are ready to be primed and painted. I picked up the new Screaming Bell model and that is on hold for the time being due to my desire to complete the Core units first. I’ve also put this project on the back burner due to a couple of campaigns that I’ll be participating in this summer.

The LGS is hosting a Mordenheim campaign and WH40k Escalation League this summer and now that I have more free time, I’m going to do a little more playing than painting this summer. I’ll be playing a Black Orcs warband in the campaign and an all Deathwing list for the league. The Black Orcs are all completely painted so I am focusing on the remaining Deathwing models. I have about 20 terminators that have been mostly complete for a while but I’d like to get all of the models completed by the end of the league. There are bonus points given in the league for models you add and paint during the new rounds and for having a fully painted 2500 point army by the end of the league. I’ll be adding a Land Raider or two and I already have three dreadnoughts with two being fully painted and ready to roll-out … err... walk-out :P

I’ve also just ordered a bunch of new stuff from Forgeworld today because now is the time to buy. The British Pound is at the lowest it has been in over a year so if you’re planning to buy something from FW then you might want to get your order in now. As for me I picked up some goodies for the Deathwing army, mainly Land Raider doors and Terminator shoulder pads but I also picked up the two latest IA books and the Imperial Macharious Heavy Tank for my Imperial Guard project. I saved about eighty bucks on this order over one placed last year for about the same amount….hoody hoo!!!

So that’s a short update on where I am today so keep checking back as I’ll be posting some pictures of my current projects just as soon as I figure out how to post the damn things into the blog ;)

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