Thursday, May 27, 2010

and Angels descended from the Heavens….

In the last week and a half, I have completed ten Deathwing Terminator models and I have another five that are partially done. These last five models have the Forge World DW shoulder pads on them and I really like how they look. I still need to finish painting some of the details but I should have that done by this weekend. The escalation league doesn’t kick off for another couple of weeks but it will be nice to have most of the army finished before the start of the league.

I’m also making headway on assembling my remaining terminator models and I figure that I’ll have about 45 terminators finished by the end of the league. My LR Crusader model is pretty much complete and I am just starting to paint my third dreadnought, this one was a conversion piece that I had done some time ago. I’ve also started assembling a fourth dreadnought using the new plastic Venerable model. This will give the army a total of four dreadnoughts to choose from so I should have some flexibility when creating my lists. When these models are finished over the next two weeks, I’m planning on completing my LR Helios model and possibly adding a third Land Raider variant. I have a Prometheus conversion ‘squirreled’ away somewhere that I would love to add to my collection but if I cannot locate it I’ll assemble the model as a regular Land Raider so that it is ready for the event.

As I mentioned last week, I placed an order with Forge World and I was surprised to find that it arrived on my doorstep Monday evening. This box was heavy but looked to have arrived ok and all of the goodies looked great with no issues to report. I have to admit that this was the fastest that I have ever gotten an order from Forge World or overseas for that matter. Let me say that the Macharious Heavy Tank is a hefty chunk of resin that looks impressive when sitting on the table. I didn’t really have to do much clean up but there was some warping of the lower plate lower body but a hair dryer fixed this problem. The model is actually assembled and ready to prime at this time but once it is primed, I’ll be setting it aside for after the Deathwing project.

Also, thanks to the folks that sent me emails congratulating me on the new job, it was much appreciated. So far things are going well and I definitely like the new job and the people that I work with. I’m still working on getting some pictures taken of my completed models but the weather really nice so I spent some time this past weekend outdoors getting some much needed Vitamin D :)

So until next time….

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