Monday, November 15, 2010

Just a little update...

Just a brief update today, the first item is that you may remember that I mentioned I was working on a Skaven army but ran into some issues after applying a clear coat. Well, I’ve decided to set that project aside for now because it still bothers me a little about painting mishap. Until I can work past that issue, I’m going to work finishing a platoon for the Imperial Guard project. I have about 20 troops in various stages of painting that have been waiting on the sidelines until I finished the Deathwing army.

I intend the IG army to be a long term project as I will be adding several Forge World pieces to the army and they will take a while to save up for and complete. Some of the pieces can now be found in plastic which is fantastic in that it will allow me to speed things along without too much converting. The troops are being assembled using the Cadian face masks and backpacks upgrade set that is sold by Forge World. I have ten completed and ready for final basing and another twenty that need a bit more painting before they’re done.

I’m keeping the paintjob simple but I’m using various oils for washes and weathering on the troop models. The plan is to extend that practice into the transports and tanks with a few weathering powders thrown in as well. My goal is to use skills learned from scale armor modeling on this army to make everything a little more realistically weathered. The first Leman Russ is being assembled and I’m adding some photo-etch parts that were designed by Eduard for the 1/48 Tamiya line of armor kits. I’ll keep you posted on this project and should be able to post some pictures of the first platoon shortly.

The second item, is that I made a decision after my last post that I was withdrawing from the local gaming club. I contacted the president and explained that I would be withdrawing as an officer and as a member. I’ll continue to go to the store periodically and play games and possibly host events but I won’t be getting involved too much with the group. I’m planning on going to another store over the Thanksgiving Holiday so we’ll see how that works out.