Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All....

So it looks like the Blood Angels will be getting a second wave of models in February 2011 and there is some speculation that it’ll include the Storm Raven model. This image surfaced recently on the internet of what appears to be the actual model that GW will be releasing.

Responses on the various forums and websites are mixed but my opinion is that it fits very well with the rest of the Space Marine product line. My hope is that when it is released that there will be a set of rules that would allow other chapters to use the model that probably won’t happen until the next marine codex is released. However, I expect that we’ll be seeing more than a few of these hit the gaming tables in the near future.

I’m planning on picking one up when it is finally released so that I can add it to my new Angels of Absolution army. The reason is that I highly doubt that it will remain solely a Blood Angel or Grey Knights unit for too long and I think it would be pretty cool have in my display case. The new AoA army will be using the standard Space Marine codex instead of being based off of the Dark Angel’s codex. This will allow me to have the flexibility of using the Space Marine rules without be hampered by future updates and releases as I am with a pure Dark Angels army.

The Dark Angels army was not only my first army but it was what got me excited to get into the hobby. Sadly, we all know that their codex is outdated and non-competitive when compared to other army’s in the game. The AoA army will follow the more stringent Space Marine rules but take advantage of the newer units options, cheaper point values and special characters that are in that codex. Also, by making them a DA successor chapter it will allow me to mix a match the models in larger games and tournaments without suffering composition or fluff penalties.

This past weekend, I prepped the first Tac squad models for priming and decided that I’m probably going to go for a Multi-Melta/Melta Gun combo for this squad. I know that currently players are still leaning towards this combo so I figured that I would give it a try, at least with this first squad. I’ve got an extra Rhino lying around along with a set of Forge World the extra armor so I’ll be working on that over the holiday weekend. Hopefully, with four days off I can make some pretty good progress and have something to post next week.

So until next time, please have a good Thanksgiving holiday and keep modeling…

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