Friday, December 3, 2010

A Brief Update...

Well, I hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving holiday because I sure did. I cooked this year and I’m proud to say that everything turned out just great. The turkey was moist and just came out perfect and the stuffing and side dishes all complemented one another. My family was very pleased and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves because unlike years past they all just chilled out and watched football and a couple of movies until evening set in. After everyone left, I cleaned off the dining table and proceeded to but my modeling area back in order… gotta love being a Bachelor some days J nobody complaining about leaving stuff on the tables all the time.
Angels of Absolution

I mentioned previously that I started working on my first squad of troops for the Angels of Absolution army and I’m pleased to announce that the first non-test model is complete. One of the things that I have always taken pride in is the amount of detail that I put into my table top models. I’ve never really gotten why some people will just seem to slap some paint on a model just to have three colors on it and then call that table top quality. While I will admit that it takes me a long time to complete an army and I do play the occasional game with unfinished models. I always ensure that what is out on the table is well done and pleasing to the eyes. 

As many of you know, I worked hard this past summer to complete my pure Deathwing army and for the most part it is complete. The models look great and many of my fellow players have complemented the army and even awarded me the Best Painted Army award for the campaign. So with this new army I want to keep up that level of work and possibly surpass it by trying some new techniques.

 The first model was primed white and then I took a page from Les Bursley over at Awesome Paint Job. He has a couple of recipes for ‘soft body’ washes which I used on this model. I applied the initial coat of Vallejo’s Bleached Bone then washed the model using the Brown wash and then began highlighting the model. I thinned the paints this time using his water/thinner mixture and it worked out very well. The greaves, bolter and ornaments were all painted using Vallejo’s German Grey which I like better than GW’s Chaos Black because it has a touch of grey already mixed in. This effect makes highlighting easier and more subtle for the darker colors, I have to make less passes with the lighter shades to get the final colors. 

The interesting thing that I found about using Les’s method is how fast it seems to go. Usually, one would think that when using a blended or layered technique that it’ll be very time consuming; not the case with this one. This first model is nearly complete and as a result I have started the base/wash step for the other four models of the squad. With luck I may be able to report that the first squad is complete by Monday morning. 

I’m also considering expanding my original idea for the army to include members of other Space Marine chapters that took place in the Siege of Vraks campaign. I have the decal sheets for the campaign and it includes the markings for not only the Angels of Absolution but also the Red Hunters and Red Scorpion chapters. I discussed this idea with a buddy of mine and he thought that since they all use the same codex that it would be an original idea for an army.  

Most players typically focus their army’s on a single chapter, war host, company or mob but this would allow a modeler to expand his pallet and possibly his skill set. The majority of the army will be based on the AoA but I think that by adding a unit or two of the Red Scorpions and Red Hunters will add something unique to the army.  I’m thinking of adding a squad of RH Terminators to the army after I have my two troops and an HQ completed. I like the idea of adding RS Assault Marines to the mix because the Forge World models look pretty awesome. 

Well until next time…unters HunHhhhhhhhhhhhh

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