Thursday, June 21, 2012

Talk about a long overdue update...

We'll it's been nearly a year since my last update so I'll keep it brief. There have been a number of changes this past year that have had a negative impact my painting projects. Work and real-life drama had caused me to set everything aside until a later date. Finally, it seems that life is getting back to normal so it's time to pick up the paint brush again and work on completing some models.

I'm still working on my Angels of Absolution army and now that 6th edition is just around the corner it's at the top of the project list. I've completed the Stern Guard veterans and I've been working on completing the first tactical squad and their transport.

I'll post some pictures soon of the completed models and hopefully the project will move along now. My goal is to have the army completed rather quickly so that I can participate in some of the smaller events in the area for learning the new rule set.

Well, until next time...


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