Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And Angels Descended from the Heavens….

Well, it looks like the new Dark Angels codex has finally been released and it looks good so far. I picked it up this past weekend and it has kick started my desire to start painting miniatures again. I’ve started priming the DA models from the Dark Vengeance starter set and the new Death Wing models that were released this past weekend. These new models are really well sculpted and the plastic moldings are crisp and as detailed as any scale model from Tamiya or Hasegawa.

It looks like they started using a newer molding process than they did in the past; probably copper lined molds. Regardless of what they used the final product looks perfect and I cannot wait to begin painting these models. They should paint up really nice and fit in really well with my existing Death Wing models

I’ll post some WIP images and some images of several of the completed Angels of Absolution models very soon. 



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