Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas to all...

So I’ve spent most of last weekend sifting through what was damaged by the water issue earlier in the week. All told, I was able to confirm that I lost most of my paperback book collection. This includes all of my Start Wars novels and the Classic and Dark Age Battletech novels. On the bright side I was able to locate a second complete set of the Starrigger trilogy that was stored in a box upstairs. It appears that I had purchased a second set and had the foresight to store them in a box with some hard bound books.

I’m still cleaning up the mess and now I have to get some new containers for storage, this time I think I’ll get some plastic tubs from Home Depot. This should be able to protect the stuff that wasn’t damaged by the water from ever getting damaged in the future. I’ll be glad when the spring comes as I plan to complete my garage this year as this past year was focused on finishing the back yard. My ultimate goal is to budget and complete one major household project a year. The house is brand new, just over a year old so it’s not like I doing a major remodel; mainly just the garage and basement to complete. The rest of the house is nice but I need a decorator’s help in finishing each of the rooms and since it’s just me and the dog, I think it’ll take a while. Of course, if you ask any of my ex-girlfriends they’ll tell you that I just need to settle down and find the right women... which all seem to think is them :P

Also, I’d like to recommend that you guys check out the website as this fellow can really paint. He also has numerous tutorial videos, provides recipes for various washes and provides information on new techniques that I think you will enjoy.

So this will be my last update before the Christmas holiday so I’ll wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.

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